Health Care Guidelines


  • You or anyone in your household is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms
  • You or anyone in your household has had close contact with infected persons those or suspected to have COVID-19
  • You or anyone in your household has traveled outside of Okinawa
  • You or anyone in your household has had contact with someone who has traveled outside of Okinawa


  • You and your entire household must home quarantine for 14 days, or if you are an OIST employee, you can be tested to avoid the 14-day quarantine.
  • You must self-isolate within your home, away from the rest of the household, if you are exhibiting symptoms.

COVID-19 Symptoms

  • Body temperature above 37.5C*?
    (In general, a body temperature of over 37.5C is considered a fever. However, there are individual differences in symptoms, so please judge depending on your normal body temperature.)
  • Cough
  • Severe fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Joint pain
  • Sore throat
  • Nasal Discharge
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of taste
  • Loss of smell

Home Quarantine Reporting Requirements

To start your 14-day home quarantine

  • Contact your manager by email to request to work from home or to inform them of your intention to take leave if you are not able to work from home. 
  • CC the OIST Health Center ([email protected]).

During your 14-day home quarantine

Returning to the Workplace

You may return to the workplace if 

  • You are experiencing no symptoms and have completed the 14-day home quarantine.
  • You inform your manager of your intention to return to the workplace.
  • You submit your completed symptom tracking form to your manager.

If you experienced symptoms during your 14-day home quarantine period

  • Email your completed symptom tracking form to the OIST Health Center ([email protected]) to receive permission via email to return to OIST.
  • If your quarantine period included a trip to your general practitioner or the hospital, you must obtain this medical certification to return to work from this physician.

If you experienced no symptoms during your 14-day home quarantine period

  • Medical permission to return to the workplace is not required.

Do You Need Medical Help or Guidance? 

Are you experiencing a medical emergency? (e.g. not able to stand up, labored breathing, extreme lethargy, or decreased consciousness)

Call an ambulance by dialing 119
(Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean language support provided) 

Do you have a fever?

Call one of these local hotlines for guidance

Japanese Language
Chubu Public Health Center 098-938-9701
Prefectural Health Division 098-866-2215
English, Chinese, and Korean
Medical Interpretation for Chubu Public Health Center 03-6636-4816
OIST Bosai Center

Do you need non-emergency treatment for your symptoms?

Call or visit your general practitioner

Are you feeling anxious and in need of guidance?

Call one of these local hotlines for guidance

Japanese Language
Chubu Public Health Center 098-938-9701
Prefectural Health Division 098-866-2215
English, Chinese, and Korean
Medical Interpretation for Chubu Public Health Center 03-6636-4816
OIST Bosai Center

Please view this flowchart for more detailed information about quarantine and treatment plans

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or are concerned about possible exposure to COVID-19, please follow the guidance provided on this webpage. If you need immediate COVID-19-related assistance during the business day and would like to consult with the OIST Health Center staff, please call 098-966-8945 first and make an appointment before coming to the clinic.

In person medical consultation at the OIST Health Center is still available by appointment; however, all staff members are exercising increased caution to prevent exposure to COVID-19 within the clinic, which would cause the clinic to close. Because of this, consultation by phone and email is preferred, and the clinic staff are still happy to answer questions and facilitate your off-campus medical arrangements by phone and email as well.

Home quarantine means living separately from the OIST community to the fullest possible extent and avoiding any unnecessary contact until your health status is clear. People are instructed not to come into buildings and offices on campus. Our staff can undertake home working where agreed with their manager. Friends or colleagues are asked to assist with buying food and other essentials or pharmacy supplies. Data shows that COVID-19 has an especially serious impact on older people and those with pre-existing medical conditions. People in these categories have been advised to exercise particular care and avoid public spaces.

During quarantine, staff must complete this form and submit it to their managers weekly, and managers must advise the Health and Safety Office ([email protected]), on a weekly basis, of the number of staff in their section who are observing home quarantine and why. Overtime is not permitted while staff work from home.

For more information about precautions to take within your household during a period of home quarantine if a member is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, please view the following recommendations from the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare.

Social Distancing 

As a general measure to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, social distancing includes measures such as staying home as much as possible, avoiding all unnecessary social contact, physically distancing yourself from others by at least two meters as much as possible, avoiding public spaces and unnecessary social gatherings, avoiding unnecessary use of public transportation, working and schooling from home, and increasing your use of electronic communication and meeting software. 

Home Quarantine  

Home quarantine involves you and your entire household staying in your home for 14 days, only leaving for essential reasons such as grocery shopping and health care visits. If you live on campus, this also includes refraining from visiting Jimmy’s or any other common space on OIST campus and within OIST housing.

Self Isolation 

If you are sick with COVID-19 or suspect you are infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 you must self-isolate. The Mistry of Health, Labour, and Welfare offers the following guidance on how to self-isolate (segregated from the rest of your household):  

Yes, the OIST Health Center and the Resource Center will work in conjunction to make sure your family is kept informed of your condition. 

No; however, most hospitals now have electronic translation support to assist you. 


Do You Still Have Questions?

Please contact the OIST Health Center at any time by emailing [email protected]. You may also call 098-966-8945 during business hours.